Raised in the American southwest, Chris has spent the better part of his life exploring and trying to better understand the natural world around him. He enjoys writing and photography, and has been involved in vehicle-supported adventure travel for over 18 years. Chris specializes in photography for commercial products and services, adventure and travel photography, expedition planning and logistics, competition events, and historical route research. He is always exploring and evaluating new ideas, products and methods for overland and adventure travel.

Some of his favorite trips include a four-month journey through Baja, Mexico, living self-contained out of a Toyota 4WD that Chris customized for the trip; navigating northern and central Thailand with friends in a Hilux pickup truck; driving on frozen Canadian rivers and the Arctic Ocean, and a recent project hunting down the location of a famous historical battle in Mexico that Geronimo narrowly escaped.

Throughout these experiences, he strives to tell the story and capture the essence of travel through his photography and narratives. Chris was one of the original co-owners that established the vehicle-supported adventure travel publication, Overland Journal, and worked there as Editorial Director and photographer for five years. Chris currently freelances and is available for commercial photography assignments and overland, expedition, travel, and tourism-related photography, editorial and consultation. Examples of work include magazine editorial, marketing, advertising, catalogs, and web media.

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